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March 1, 2013
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MA Application - Dylan James by Fireflowermaiden MA Application - Dylan James by Fireflowermaiden
***I was really too lazy to redraw his monster form - maybe someday***

Name: Amphilocus (V'Amphilocus)

Glamor Name: Dylan James

Age: 22 (2000+)

Monster type/species: Phobotori Skotos (Oneroi)

Glamor item: wrist band

Hair: Human - Dark brown Skotos - Black

Eyes: Human - Gray Skotos - pale blue

Height: 6'7''

Natural weapons: fists (brawling)

Trained weapons: swords, spears, archery

Grade: Freshman

Current Classes: none

Passed Classes: none

Current Points: 0

Favorite class: Mischief and Mayhem/M.P.E

Worst class: Potions


:bulletblue: when entering someone's dream, he gets trapped inside their mind - often having to relive their memories.

:bulletblue: becomes despondent if he doesnt feed on emotions. When he's in this state, he's completely emotionless.

:bulletblue: If he starts to draw too much energy from a person and their life span begins to shorten, by mandate of the Oneroi gods, his own life source will replace theirs: ultimately bringing him closer to death and replenishing his victim. (He doesnt know about this yet)

:bulletblue: Must eat ambrosia and drink Nector to remain an oneroi...when he stops both he becomes a full human.

Major Skills:

:bulletblue: Although he cannot enter a person's dreams without reprocussion, he can feed off of any major emotion near him - happiness, anger, lust, sadness, fear, ect.

:bulletblue: Projection: Can induce nightmares to gain energy (but again, cannot enter the dream) using the excess energy he has already taken.

Minor Skills:

:bulletblue: Above average strength: can lift more than a normal human but is by no means strong enough to lift anything.

:bulletblue: easily excells in use of weapons - having trained in them as a human during the height of history for combat.

:bulletblue: Has an interest in shapeshifting - studies the subject relentlessly.


:bulletred: Dylan's personality is based on which emotions he is high on at the time. If he has fed off of positive feelings, then he is energetic, cheerful, and friendly. Sad feelings incite an apologetic, shy, and depressed personality. Anger = antagonistic, blood thirsty...evil. Lust = Flirtatious and forward. Fear, however is by far his favorite form of emotion to drain - it is the same feeling as an adrenaline rush. Fear is also the only emotion that brings out his TRUE nature. Where the other emotions affect him OUTWARDLY, he's still the same inside - Dark, full of contempt, and thirsty for more. Draining fear brings all of those inner emotions to the outside.

:bulletred: His likes and dislikes change based on WHO'S emotions he's used.

Character's Background:

:bulletgreen: Amphilocus grew up as the older brother of Tisiphone, and son of Amphilocus and Manto. At eleven years old, he and his sister were adopted by King Creon of Crete. While his sister stayed in the palace to learn the ways of a lady, he was placed in an academy to be trained for the army. He rose in the ranks over the years and was given the honor of being the king's heir. During the time his sister had left the palace, he began an elicit romantic relationship with the queen - his adoptive mother - on the side. She convinced him to keep from searching for his sister...something that didnt seem odd until Tisiphone came back two years later with their birth father. When he made a move to murder the man he hated, Tisiphone stepped between them and he accidentally killed his sister instead. With her dying breath, she cursed him to forever walk the earth alone watching all he loved die. The god's granted her curse and he was made to be 22 forever. Horrified, he left the castle and went into the world - where through extensive searching, he learned the TRUE origin of his birth. While his father had been away at war, his mother, Manto, had an affair with an Olympic god: Phobetor - the god of nightmares. Taking into account his sister's curse, the other Oneroi accepted him into their ranks by matter of birth. At first he was a simple Oneroi, saving humans from their nightmares but he began to get addicted to the rush of adreniline that the nightmares gave. He wasnt suspected of siphoning emotions for a few hundred years until he actually began to kill the humans he visited. He was locked away for a while, being used by the Oneroi to relieve humans of excess emotions on rare occasions. But he still managed, even in his imprisonment, to drain energy making him a very formidable Skotos. A high amount of his powers were drained and he was sent to Monster Academy as punishment - where there were serious reprocussions to his actions: If he entered dreams he suffered their worst memories and when he began to kill, it killed him instead.

:bulletgreen: Species information:

"Dream-Hunters (also known as the Oneroi) are the cursed children of the Greek gods of Sleep (Morpheus, Hypnos, Phobetor, Icelus, Phantasos, and Thanatos). Some are born of human mothers, but many are born of the Greek goddess Mist. As long as one of a child’s parents is an Oneroi, that child can inherit their powers and duties. They also inherit some residual emotions, emotions that are stripped from them very early on, usually by beating. More about that when we get to the curse. Once a child has been embraced by its Dream-Hunter brethren, the distinction between branches of the family tree, however distant, becomes obsolete. All Oneroi consider one another brothers or sisters whether they actually share the same parents or not. They are taught by their siblings how to enter dreams, and the rules of what to do and what is forbidden. They learn how to fight the Skoti, and how to fight the war of raging emotions inside themselves after a visit with a vivid dreamer so that they don’t become the next monster with a price on its head. Dream-Hunters can be either male or female. Most have black hair and pale blue, almost colorless (and kind of glowy) eyes. They feel a bit like static electricity when touched, and transport from one place to another in a golden flash of light. The Oneroi possess the power to create dreams, and control them. They direct the dream host to reveal his or her deepest desires, or to find solutions to the nagging little problems of the dreamer’s everyday life. Without the Oneroi to steer dreams and inspire people, humans (and other such dreamers) would lose their minds.

Also known as “energy vampires,” some Dream-Hunters (usually the nightmare children of Phobetor) inevitably get seduced by the drug that is a human’s emotions. They begin to instigate dreams, and alter them so as to exact more emotions from their dream hosts.Once they build up a tolerance, they can siphon emotions and creativity for longer and longer periods of time, an act that inevitably ends in the death of the dream host. These Dream-Hunters are called Skoti. (Skotos is the singular term.)

Certain Skoti (Phobotory Skoti) get their kicks in nightmares, feeding off the unadulterated, paralytic fear that they can induce in their dream host. The heart-pounding adrenaline is like race car driving or skydiving for them.Barely more than demons, the Skoti are hunted down by their Oneroi brethren and punished for their crimes. Some Skoti are tolerated only to help drain humans of excess emotions. They are not allowed to spend too much time with one person, and are deemed uncontrollable if they fail to heed the warnings of the Oneroi leaders. They are given one warning before they are severely punished… or eliminated from existence."

Kenyon, Sherrilyn; Kontis, Alethea (2007-11-13). The Dark-Hunter Companion (Dark-Hunters) (Kindle Location 2214). St. Martin's Griffin. Kindle Edition.

((This version of the Oneroi is (C) to Sherrilyn Kenyon - as well as built upon by greek mythology))

Sister's profile:

:iconmonsteracademy: :iconmonsteracademy: :iconmonsteracademy:
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